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Treatment Facilities

Our Services

We offer a range of services and resources for property owners, municipalities and other stakeholders.

River Birch Biodisk is responsive to project requirements and works in collaboration with the owner’s team during the complete process of defining usage capacity requirements, facility design, construction, operation and scheduled servicing.

Discovery – we listen to customer requirements for now and future planned expansion

Define – we provide best in class solutions that are reliable and save customers money

Execute – we use our proven technology and manufacture long lasting systems

Monitoring – we provide scheduled service and maintenance support including all parts

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Our Technical Process

Wastewater treatment using a BIODISK follows a biological process based on the principles of the rotating biological contactor (RBC). Our system uses naturally occurring microbes for efficient treatment of wastewater.  It is self regulating, a complete treatment plant and can be scaled to meet your capacity requirements. This treatment process has capabilities of secondary, tertiary, and advanced treatment with an additional capability of denitrification if required. 

The process meets or exceeds effluent requirements as specified by regulatory agencies across North America. The process has many inherent operational characteristics that make it ideally suited for the treatment of domestic wastewater.


Our systems discharge to:

• Sub-surface and surface absorption components

• Surface waters

• Intermittent streams

• Storm water management facilities

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