Our experience in the design, construction,
operation and maintenance of RBC's is unparalleled.

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BIODISK Corporation is in business to provide cost effective and reliable wastewater treatment services to communities, mining camps, construction camps, remote areas.

BIODISK Corp., is an industrial leader specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of wastewater treatment facilities utilizing rotating biological contactors (RBCs). The corporation has vast global experience with the successful installation of over two thousand treatment facilities at sites in Canada, USA, South America and the Far East.

BIODISK Corp. also provides Packaged Potable Water Treatment Plants.

Mr. Tom G. Smith, the founder and CEO of BIODISK Corp., has more than 30 years experience with RBC process technology. He also founded CMS ROTORDISK Inc., in 1974, which led to the introduction and utilization of RBC technology worldwide.

Our Services

BIODISK Corp., will listen to your needs and will work in partnership with you during the complete process of facility design, construction, operation and after care servicing.
  • We will facilitate the entire process and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. We will handle all necessary details including drawings and design information necessary for the works approval by environmental authorities.
  • The facility construction phase will be simplified by our proven tank design.
  • Finally we will be there to support you with our after care service which includes:
    • System Start-up
    • Process Evaluation
    • Spare Parts
    • Trouble Shooting if Required


Our systems use a natural process for the treatment of wastewater utilizing RBCs. The process meets or exceeds effluent requirements as specified by regulatory agencies. The process has many inherent operational characteristics that make it ideally suited for the treatment of domestic wastewater.

Our systems discharge to:

  • Sub-surface and surface absorption components
  • Surface waters
  • Intermittent streams
  • Storm water management facilities
Steel Plants

Biodisk M75 is a full steel complete sewage treatment plant supporting a 75 persons camp and provides secondary effluent quality. It is shipped completely assembled for a cost-effective field installation. The system includes Ultra Violet disinfection, flow meter and control panel all installed in a control room. Operators have a safe and clean working area. This system is designed for an outdoor warm climate such as Mexico.



BIODISK Little John

BIODISK Little John Wastewater Treatment Plant is a completely portable system designed to fit inside a standard ISO sea container. The wastewater treatment plant has built into it: Ultra Violet disinfection, flow meter, sampling tap and a control panel, all of which are all installed inside a control room. Little John provides secondary effluent quality and can treat a hydraulic load of 45 m3/d. The control room is shipped inside the works and is removed and placed at the end of the tank on site. Electrical wiring is completed and installed in our shop and can be quickly connected at the site. These units are designed for an outdoor cold climate with an operating temperature down to- 40 Celsius.


BIODISK Big John Wastewater Treatment Plant is a portable self contained wastewater treatment plant comprised of a stand-alone steel tank including a primary clarifier, four staged Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), final clarifier, Ultra Violet disinfection, control panel, heating and RBC cover. All components are housed in a 40 foot container that is easily transportable, off loaded and installed on site. All electrical components are wired in shop.

BIODISK Potable Water Treatment Plant

We provide Packaged Water Treatment Plant which includes softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, deionization and dealkalizers.

We also specialize in customized design, product handling, installation and customer support services....



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